Speedating - Frequently Asked Questions

What the Heck is Speedating? Essentially, Speedating is when you go on a series of mini-dates then select who you would be interested in seeing again - if you two make a match then you're both contacted and given each other's information.

How Does Speedating at Master Dater Work? When you arrive at our venue you will check in and receive a folder containing your Dating Guide and your Results Sheet. You will receive abrief introduction and then the event will begin. You  will talk to each date for seven minutes, when your seven minutes are over your host will get on stage and tell the gentlemen to please move to the next table. Before you move to the next table, both Speedaters will mark on their results sheet if they are interested in each other as a 'Date,' 'Friend' or 'Not at All.' Then you will have one minute to make the transition from each table. You will continue this process until you have completed all of your mini-dates. At the end of the evening you will turn in your results sheet to your host and the results will be tabulated and sent to you within the next 24 hours.

There's Tons of Speedating Companies Out There - What Makes You Guys Different From All the Others? Well first off, we're awesome. But really, there's so many ways that we're different that I actually have to list them - check out the info below:

Online Dating Meets Speedating ~ First off, we are the only Speedating company that combines the best of online dating with Speedating! In a nutshell, you will get to read the dating profiles of the people you will be Speedating with before you actually Speed-date with them!

Make Friends AND Dates ~ Gone are the days in Speedating where you were forced to circle ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ if you wanted to see someone again. With Master Dater, you get the option of choosing whether you are interested in someone as a Friend or Date. No mixed signals and no drama! Just a hassle free way of meeting new love interests and making new friends!

Family Run and Recession Proof ~ We are a small, family run company that's focusing on helping people find love versus making the big bucks. We charge $30/$40 (including a free drink and dinner) while our competition gives you nothing extra. Duh, No Brainer!

No Cattle Calls ~ If you’ve been Speedating with other companies, you might remember feeling like you were just another number. We limit the number of Speedaters to 24 to 30 per event - this is to ensure that you get maximum quality of your Speedating experience and so it doesn't feel like one big cattle call!

Even Men to Women Ratio ~ We strive to keep an even ratio of men and women at all of our Speedating events. Typically our events consist of 12 Men and 12 Women.

95% Success Rate ~ According to our records, 95% of Speedaters who attend an event get a match. If for any reason you do not get one, you will get a free pass to attend another event - 100% free!

Private Events with No Walk-Ins ~ I don’t think anyone likes the idea of Speedating with an audience. What’s worse is the idea that someone can just walk in off the street and join the event. That’s why all of our events are 100% Private (no walk ins accepted) and not open to the public.

Fast Results ~ Many Speedating companies can take up to 48 hours to calculate and return your results. We return your results within 24 hours – or sometimes that same night!

Okay, I’ll Go To An Event. But What Should I Wear? Dress to impress - no gowns or tuxedos needed - but first date attire is recommended!

Are Food and Drinks Included? A free buffet dinner and a free drink are included in the ticket price!

After I've Received my Matches, How Long Should I Wait Before I Contact Them?
I suggest contacting your matches within 24 hours to set up a second date. Remember, they may have gotten more than one match! In dating if ya snooze, ya lose!

What If I can No Longer Attend an Event? Can I get a refund? Your ticket purchase for all events are non-refundable, but are transferable to another person of the same gender free of charge. Email us to transfer your ticket - this MUST be done before 5pm the day BEFORE the event so we can make note of the change on our list. If not, the person that you would like to attend instead will be refused admission on your behalf.

How Often Do You Have Speedating Events? Because we value quality over quantity, we host a quality Speedating event every other month. In the meantime, we have a Monthly Game Night and weekly Trivia Night as well if you're looking for something fun to do!

Do You Ever Have Any 30/40s Speedating Events? How about 50s/60s? On occasion, throughout the year will will host a handful of 30s/40s Speedating Special Events - they've always been a big hit! We don't currently offer Speedating for the 50s/60s crowd - but it's in the works!